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The Lord Stafford Awards, which were developed in 1997, take place each year to recognise and encourage the very best in collaborative relationships. Collaboration between the academic and business community is fundamental for innovation and is vital for maintaining business competitiveness.


At APPS UK Ltd we continually invest our time and resources into developing collaborative relationships to ensure that we can consistently improve our products and exceed customer expectations. We have previously worked with Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Hertfordshire on innovative solutions and will continue integrating the knowledge of the academic community to out-perform the market.


On the 31st of March 2009 APPS UK Ltd achieved recognition of its ability to innovate through the prestigious Lord Stafford Award for Innovation in Sustainability in the East of England. Our industry-leading Airborne10 solution, and unique atomiser system, was recognised as a ground-breaking answer to the control and suppression of unwanted dust, disease, and odours.



APPS UK Ltd has had recognisable success delivering market-leading dust and odour suppressant technologies and solutions and it is this that has allowed us to invest and grow relying on the word-of-mouth referrals of our satisfied clients. However, we will always be a business that strives to continually improve and we recognise that our corporate branding has not been as consistent as our ability to develop and deliver products.


Over the years we have had a number of different logos, corporate colours, vehicle designs and marketing materials and we decided that it is time to refresh our image and drive the company forward with a clean, simple and effective corporate branding. We have hired new marketing staff and restructured our workforce while reflecting on our branding legacy and this has resulted in a new logo and vision which captures the symbolism of what APPS UK Ltd is and what it aspires to be.


Look out for the signature APPS UK Ltd bubbles on our promotional materials, products, equipment and vans!



The Millennium Product status was awarded by the Design Council to British products and companies which show "imagination, ingenuity and inspiration" as well as "innovation, creativity and design".


APPS UK Ltd's Surfactant Induced Absorption Technology (SIAT) otherwise known as Airborne10, was awarded as a  Best of British technology for the above categories; demonstrating further its credentials as a truly unique and market-leading technology.


Airborne10's unique and innovate method of removing unwanted dust and odours through biodegradable absorption processes more than exceeds all of the sustainability requirements of the IPCC.


Additionally, Airborne10 is a 'Factor 10' technology meaning it uses 1/10th of the environmental and financial resources of competitor products. At APPS UK Ltd, we are committed to delivering you high-quality products with long-term cost savings and awards like the Millennium Product are proof of this commitment.

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